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Service Terms

1. Registering as a Customer

In order to benefit from all the features of the Services available you will need to Sign-Up with us by filling the Sign-Up form. You will be asked to provide certain information about yourself including your name, contact details and vehicle information. You must ensure that the information provided by you is correct, complete and not misleading. You should also inform us promptly of any changes to the information that you have provided, by updating your details, so we can communicate with you effectively.

  1. Motor MechaniX renders preventive maintenance services for cars, including but not limited to scheduled maintenance services, interior and exterior detailing services, and other ancillary services at the home or office of car owners across Delhi-NCR.
  2. Preventive Maintenance Services (d to as ‘PMS’) ay include oil change, filter replacement, other fluid change and inspection/ replacement of applicable parts, interior and exterior detailing, and minor repairs. Such services are rendered at defined periodicity in terms of kilometers driven and/ or number of months since previous service and/ or due to normal/ abnormal wear and tear of the mechanical parts of the car. The service team delivers the PMS chosen by the customer at the doorstep of the customer as per P&P. Date, time and location provided by a customer to Motor MechaniX for rendering PMS.
  3. Customer is an owner of a car or cars who has chosen Motor MechaniX to render PMS for his/ her car. Customer includes the representative of the car owner who has been authorized by the customer to solicit the services of Motor MechaniX and/ or approve the services undertaken by the service team including, but not limited to, designated driver, administrator, domestic help, friends and relatives.
  4. Doorstep of the Customer ( ‘service premises’) is a designated space in the home or office of the customer where Motor MechaniX is authorized to render PMS.
  5. Non-Conforming Services cannot be fulfilled by Motor MechaniX at the doorstep of the customer such as painting, big repair, wheel alignment. We provide free pickup and drop to get done all your service at our workshop.
  6. Service Team includes a group of individuals who may be employed or hired by Motor MechaniX to undertake PMS for a car owned by a customer.
  7. Policies & Procedures (“P&P”) are guidelines and operating procedures, as defined by Motor MechaniX, in relation to, including but not limited to, service operations, service delivery, warranty, service capability and service fee. In the event a customer has chosen to become a PLP member, the customer is also governed by the P&P specifically the terms and conditions of the PLP. P&P may be amended from time to time.
  8. Management Discretion: Management reserves the undisputed right to suspend, cancel, discontinue or modify any or all services, solutions, procedures, approaches or activities of Motor MechaniX. Any customer availing the services of Motor MechaniX shall not bind Motor MechaniX. Nothing contained herein above shall be construed in a manner so as to constitute any representation or warranty on or behalf of Motor MechaniX. Motor MechaniX gives 1 month guarantee on provided service. No warranty and makes no representation whether expressed or implied, that information presented/ disclosed, pertaining to the benefits of availing Motor MechaniX services shall culminate into accrual of benefits. Motor MechaniX shall not be responsible or liable for any consequential damages arising on account of any third party/ customer relying on the information presented/ disclosed by Motor MechaniX.
  9. Effects Beyond Management Control: Motor MechaniX shall not be responsible or liable for not performing any obligation or undertaking given to the customer, if such performance is prevented, delayed or hindered by an act of God, fire, flood, explosion, rain, earthquake, war, riot, terrorist act, sabotage, inability to procure or general shortage of energy, labor, equipment, facilities, material or supplies, due to enactment of any law or issue of any directive by any government or public authority or by a competent court or any other cause not within the control of the management. Motor MechaniX management are further absolved from any liability towards a customer arising from any act beyond the control of the management.
  10. Service Premises: Customer understands the need for and agrees to provide an environment in the service premises that is conducive for undertaking PMS. Such an environment may include, but not limited to, adequate parking space for the Motor MechaniX service van, close proximity between the Motor MechaniX service van and the car of the customer, overhead cover. In the event the environment provided in the service premises is not conducive for undertaking PMS, the customer understands that Motor MechaniX may not be able to assure the quality of the service and service completion timeline to the customer. In addition, customer hereby declares that he/ she has the authority to allow Motor MechaniX to render its services at the premises of the customer and/ or have obtained the necessary approvals from the relevant authority/ premises owner/ manager/ in-charge for the same. Motor MechaniX shall not be responsible for obtaining any/ all permissions from any authority, including but not limited to, RWA, Municipal Councilors and any other administrative authority
  11. Fluids Top Up Quantity: Break Fluid Top Up-50 ml, Coolant top up- 200 ml, Wiper washer fluid- 60 ml, Gear oil Top Up- 200 ml.
  12. Service Delay: While all service delivery processes are verified under test conditions for accuracy of the estimated time of delivery and every effort is made to adhere to the commitments made to the customer, customer understands that there may be a delay in service delivery due to circumstances such as, including but not limited to, unavailability of parts, excessive rust, unusually tight nuts and bolts, other circumstances beyond management control, and agrees to not hold Motor MechaniX responsible for delay in service delivery due to such circumstances. In the event the delay is due to the unavailability of parts and the service activity does not come under the purview of non-conforming services, Motor MechaniX agrees to schedule the replacement of the part upon its availability at the convenience of the customer.
  13. Service Cancellation: Customer has the right to stop the service being undertaken by the service team at anytime during the service procedure provided ongoing service procedures are complete. The customer agrees that such cancellation is at his/ her risk and will not hold Motor MechaniX responsible for any damage to the car and agrees to pay Motor MechaniX amount commensurate with the nature and extent of services rendered. Also, in case, if any service is not taken after mechanic reaches your place, customer has to pay visiting charge of mechanic, i.e. Rs. 499.
  14. Payment: By making a payment through Motor MechaniX, you undertake that the credit or debit card details, or third party wallet login credentials that you provide are for your own credit or debit card, or wallet account, and that you have sufficient funds to make the payment for the services booked. In cases where cash on delivery (COD) is offered and selected as a payment method, full payment must be made directly to the service provider at the time of service completion.
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